Four Week FTP Results (Beginner)

(Pat) #1

Just wanted to share my results for those beginners considering it.
I started zwifting almost immediately after getting my bike and started this program about a week later. So I’m very, very new to biking and obviously I should expect better results than someone more experience.

I am 53 and 5’8" and 150lbs.
I did the short FTP test the day before I started the the program and scored an FTP of 139. I did every workout every day and did not miss a workout. The only thing that I feel I really did wrong was on the 4th days that are suppose to be s free ride in zone 2, I ended up riding harder on most of these. My patience just ran out and I had to push it a little harder.
After the first week I upped my FTP manually to 145 just to make the workouts more difficult. Then after the second week to 155 then after the third week to 165.

Then on the last day I did the long FTP and ended with an FTP of 181. Still weak, but a pretty good increase. Even with that I really feel like it was not my best effort. I didn’t get a lot of sleep the night before and just didn’t feel my best. Also for some reason my heart rate was up and I felt like I could have pushed harder, but I was struggling to keep my heart rate under control

All in all I am very happy and my increase was much greater than I expected going in.
I think I will start it again after a couple days of rest, but this time I think that I will take a few days off here and there and not remain quite so rigid.

(Lin) #2

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(Mat) #3

Good stuff.

I am a mountain biker, but wanted to keep riding through the winter, so got a smart trainer etc etc. Whilst I don’t have any hard figures like yourself, I too have seen and felt the increase.

I am into my last week of a 6 week training plan and am really enjoying it. My legs are getting visually larger and more toned and I can keep higher watts with less effort.

Once I have finished this programme I will do an FTP test and see where I am at!

(Pat) #4

Please post your results when you are done. I have started the four week again, but I considered trying the six week this time.