Great results with FTP Builder

Just wanted to offer some feedback for any other new riders considering the six-week FTP Builder. My FTP before the program (3 weeks after getting back on the bike after 10+years) was 133. After finishing the program I tested at 224, a 68% increase. I did all the workouts without missing a day, and supplemented them with a few group rides and completed all the TDZ stages. So a couple of weeks saw some pretty heavy workloads, but I tapered down on non-workout rides the last week and a half to be fresh for the FTP test. Hope this helps.

great work!!


Real great increase!
I took the longer ftp builder (12 weeks?), but the results weren’t that great 10 watts more.
I’m now on the TT Tune up (8 weeks) and after 4 weeks I’m feeling faster/better already. But be warned :slight_smile: that plan is (imho) really hard.

That’s amazing results, congrats!

Looking to start that FTP builder soon too.

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