FTP retest

(Scott Sugimoto) #1

I just finished the 6 week FTP Builder. Looking for advice on when I should retest. I hate to retest in the middle of the week because I’m usually zapped after work.

Thank you

(Alex Churton) #2

I assume that testing at the end of the week would be fine, given that the workouts are flexible enough to take the 4 workouts on days that suit you during the week.

I’m doing the 6 week FTP builder myself - would be interesting to hear your FTP % increase, because I’m excited to see what mine will be!

(Scott Sugimoto) #3

Alex that’s what I was thinking. I’ll update this post after I retest.

(Adrien Lantieri) #4

Hi guys,
Also just completed the 6 weeks builder last sunday. I’m definitely doing an FTP test this week, so I’ll come here to post the percentage in increase, but I must state my previous FTP was months ago (sometime in June, I think)… yet it all felt pretty much still spot on with my perceive exertion & HR.

On a side note, it was my first plan and I expected a bit of a “tututututuuuu you just finished your training plan” kinda celebratory moment. I have not zwifted since, so maybe that’ll happen next time I connect.

Ride on.

(Scott Sugimoto) #5

Hi Adrien,
I forgot to update the results of my test. My first test was 231 FTP after my retest I increased to 247 FTP. Not quite sure if that is conciderable but I’ll take it. Trying to figure out where to go from here.

(Joe Daknis) #6

It’s a 6.9% increase, which is significant - as long as your trainer or power meter accuracy is good. (Some are still only rated at +/- 5%).