FTP Workout

(Michael Britton) #1

I’m by no means a racer or trainer but curious about the FTP Builder. I have base ftp of 218 but the FTP workouts are starting me 75-10 watts slower. If I already have a base set why doesn’t the ftp workouts target that during the first week or so? Thanks

(jeremy [jeza]Martin) #2

i’m doing it as well and just assume over 12 weeks i’ll have a higher ftp than when i started !!!

(Pete GameCock WBR (D)) #3

I’m doing the same plan and just completed the second week. I have used plans like this in the past and always had a significant increase in  my FTP. You don’t always have to go hard to get faster. Below threshold workouts can be very effective. I just “trust the plan”

(jeremy [jeza]Martin) #4

I will. as a mate of mine who is brilliant at structured training says… ’ jez.,stick to the plan and you’ll see the results’ 

(Mark Whittaker) #5

how are you guys spreading out the days in the plan?  the plan only has 4-5 days listed.  last time I checked the week is 7 days long.  are we to assume that we should train all those days consecutively?