raise FTP during 6wk FTP Builder

(bryan jung) #1

I’m doing “6wk FTP Builder”


Is there anyone who finish the workout??


Do you remember how much FTP raised after finish “6wk FTP Builder”?


or Can I raise my FTP during 6wk FTP Builder

if I feel easy to do it?

(The Penski) #2

I raised it from 67 to 160, but I didnt follow it exactly - the 6 weeks probably took me 10.

Not cycled much in my life previously.

Now I am doing the 10-12 week builder, and I am at 195.

(Oliver Higbee (B) [WKG]) #3

Congrats MJ that is quite impressive!

How did you find the training sessions? (Just curious as a lot of people say they’re too easy but if they work then it doesn’t matter) 

(The Penski) #4

The 6 Week FTP builder was moderate in terms of difficulty, neither too easy nor too difficult. But gosh I remember the days when pressing the pedals at 100W was super difficult :confused:


The 10-12 week programme, the first 2 weeks and even some of the later sessions are quite easy, e,g my FTP at one point was 195W and most of the workout was at 120W.

Now I am also doing HIIT (sprinting and on rower), playing football and racing in Zwift (more recently), so if the workouts are a bit easier, it probably won’t bother me too much.