6 week beginner FTP diary


Recently joined zwift with a Strava estimated FTP of 156W and after 3 weeks group rides and races zwift calculated it at 204W. 4 days of rest and then an FTP ramp test estimated it at 225W (I am 67 kg).

I’ve not done any structured training before so started on the 6 week beginner FTP programme. Because why not. I’ve done a bit of cycling and triathlons, but nothing with a power meter or FTP related.

Currently on the first week (a tempo, foundation and strength session done) and so far it has felt pretty easy tbh.

I’m going to stick with it, as it does look like it ramps up later (and swap one of the foundations in the early week for some MTBing or a race if I’m feeling flush with energy).

Let’s see how it goes. (I’m not overly worried about another test at the end as well aware that I’ve I my ever done one test).

Welcome to Zwift, @Steve_Scott4969!

I like the idea of journaling your fitness growth, and I’m looking forward to reading your story here!


First week done. Ended up being;
M - 1hr 7m Tempo (ok)
T - 50m Foundation (v easy)
W - 58m Strength (ok)
T - Rest
F - 1hr 30m of MTB’ing (replacing a 50m Foundation sesh - was lush)
S - 1hr 07m Tempo (last couple of reps felt harder)
S - Rest.

Each individual session felt fine. Foundation did leave me wondering if it was doing anything at all. :grimacing:

There’s a bit of a knack to the 10s sprints @ 160% FTP in the Strength session due to the delay in resistance on your trainer. I found winding up the gears a couple of seconds before seemed to work (any earlier and it would correct and later and you’d lose the first couple of seconds as it built the resistance up). On my own I would have gone much harder for the first few, but consistency did seem to work and I had to work for the last couple.

The final tempo session did feel tougher (maybe because my swapping out the Foundation for a decent MTB ride?)

Right…on to week 2.

Thanks! Bit of accountability always helps, otherwise I’d get a few days in and then get distracted. o