First FTP test...looking for a few tips...

Ok…so Ive never mucked around with this before but I want to start using the structured workouts so I guess I need to harden-up and do it.

I haven’t been on Zwift very long so my data set is limited. Looking for some guidance on targets to shoot for. If I look at the Power Curve analysis on Strava I see that my 20min average is around 186, 10min is 206 and 5min is 220…not awesome. 

I want to get the most accurate number I can right? So I’m guessing I need to set some sort of a target based on the information available to me now. 

Any suggestions? Is there some other datapoint I should be looking at to determine a target power to try to hold for 20min?



Hi True

I am pretty new to this for of training, but I think being a premium member check your estimated FTP. 

Enter this number as your FTP in Strava and Zwift its a pretty good estimate.

Reload Strava and I believe you will now how a training power zone section in the left hand column.

Compare these with your heart performance if they are in sink you are in the right ball park.

Now if you do the test based on perceived exertion of your full results aim for maybe 10 - 15 watts above your estimate and see what you get as a new base to train from.

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Estimated FTP?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen that value represented. Where is it located?


Go into training on strava - “power curve” there is a little box up “show estimated FTP” 

Thanks. It says 187…not impressive.

But a week or so ago I climbed Box hill on the London circuit and was able to hang at or above 200w for the majority. Felt like I was holding quite a bit back as I hadn’t done it before. I’m thinking I can manage at least that figure against a consistent resistance given that I know there won’t be any surprise pitches that I need to keep some in the tank for.

Dreading this but looking forward to seeing what my old fat ■■■■ can do.

Remember FTP is a metric to improve upon.

It sets your training zones - and is a major aid for pacing your rides.

The test hurts so make sure you have fresh legs when you attempt it :slight_smile:


Another good tip is to do a 3 min all out effort then target your FTP on 72-78% of your 3min average power, starting the 20 mins closer to the 72% and increasing after 5-8 minutes if you’re feeling good. Then bury yourself in the final 5 minutes.

Thanks everyone!


So a good 2-3 days rest before attempting an FTP?

Your going to give it all for 20 minutes, the test itself takes you through a warm up and a high activity section to get the blood flowing, prior to your 20 minute assault.

Hence yes no more than active recovery before the test.