Setting up Zwift for beginner (Power etc)

ok, so I’m new to zwift and wondered how best to get started.  I could just ride but thought I’d work out my FTP.  I dont have a power meter, just a speed, cadence and heart monitor.

I started the FTP test the other day but the Watt’s were just too high and I could get half way through, now warranted I’m unfit but obvs want to get fitter.  Should I lower the slider at the beginning of the workout on the lefthand side to something more fitting.  The next question, what is a good starting point in relation to that power slider?





Welcome to Zwift Mick.


Some really good questions, so I assume you have a trainer that does not measure power so it uses virtual power.

The first part of the FTP test is to get you ready for the 20min free ride, If it was me starting I would set my FTP to something like 100 (how to set FTP and see if I could do the first part of the FTP test, if it was ok I would continue to the 20min free ride (the actual test) and go all out.

This will give you a good starting point for your workouts. the workouts uses your FTP to select at what level you should train.


ok, thanks for your help.  Is the 20 min free ride an FTP test?  Cant say I have seen that anywhere.  Or is it the short test?

So there are 2 different FTP test but both of them has the 20min block at the end, that is essentialy the test.


ah ok.  I’ll do the shorter one then and lower the bar before I start.

Good luck.

Thanks, looking forward to a session!!!

So!  Al went well my FTP turned out to be 170W which is probably pretty lame, the build up was very slow and the warm up watts were around 60w-90w so that was really hard to keep it that low.   I managed to maintain a good steady 170-200w for 20 mins as well.


So does Zwift remember this and tailor my rides to suit?

Hi Mick,

Yes Zwift will remember your FTP and adjust your workout level. Now you have a good starting point, work hard and in a few months you can test it again.



Thanks Gerrie,


I’m going to have a blast tonight.  Do you recommend a particular turbo trainer?  I’m using cycleops Mag trainer and its the most basic one you can get.  No bar resistance so all done on changing gears etc.  I dont want to spend an insane amount of money but will certainly take advice from people that are using good trainers and liek them