Beginner FTP 115kg

I am new to cycling, new on zwift, new world for me. Kinda like it so far, i was wondering hows my ftp.? I did the 20min test. 227w is my ftp. Im 6,1 250pounds. Lost 50 pounds already with training and diet. I enrolled to the up program over 12 weeks. Any tips to improve. The ratio watt/kg is poor due to my weight.
Thanks for reading

Hi Dany,

Welcome to the world of cycling. I’m relatively new to Zwift also (7 weeks). If you’re new to cycling and your FTP does 227W I find that pretty impressive.

I’m 103KG and road-cyclist for about 15 years. My FTP is set on 220W and I’m in the last week of the 6 week FTP Builder program. With that FTP I find the workouts just fine (not to soft/ not to hard).

I’m more targeted on endurance so I do not bother too much about FTP. I would say just enjoy cycling and don’t focus too much on FTP.



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My weight runs 225-245 lbs (currently on the low end), and my FTP has run 233 to 243 Watts… so i’m doomed to stay a “D”, unless somehow I lose 40 more pounds.

My current focus is VO2MAX and using Garmin’s metrics to get my fitness age as low as I can. Was primarily worried about miles per week only, but focusing on balancing tempo and anaerobic benefits as well.

FTP is just a baseline number really. It’s your starting point to gauge your improvement. I wouldnt worry too much about it beyond that. Stay consistent in your riding - vary what you do and enjoy the journey. I’d try some beginner group rides too - see how you find them.

You could do worse than have a read of Eric’s posts on ZI for getting started which has lots of articles on all sorts of aspects, some of which you will no doubt be familiar with already.

Keep up the good work and see you out there

I was 105kg (230 pounds) nine months ago. (6ft 3)
Some road work over winter and a lot of consistent indoors this year I am now 83kg (183 pounds) with an FTP nearly 250.

This was hard work, both on the bike and reducing calories. Also none of my clothes fit.

My advice is to grab some Zwift training plans (6 week FTP builder for example) and eat less calories.


I hope ill have the mental strenght to achieve like you did. Congrats

I think we all need to pick our motivation. For me it was a couple of things, my blood pressure was too high ( nearly normal now), my knees hurt going upstairs (fine now) and deciding it was time not to be overweight.

That is a really good starting FTP if you are new to cycling so don’t worry about that at all. Be consistent. That is key. The weight will come off given time so long as you eat healthy and not in excess. But keep pedaling! 5-6 days a week preferably.