Stelvio simulation

(P) #1

Is it possible to make a stelvio ride simulation on the other side of the Alpe du Zwift? So we gave two ways to ascent/descent that mountain? Any other mountain Sim is also great!

(Anton Kovalnogov(B)) #2

These passes have different altitude and height gained. Not sure if its possible to do on one mountain until dig some deep tunnel for stelvio simulation) anyway, there should be some thread on the forum discussing addition of most famous HC climbs…

(Johnathan) #3

If you do some searching there are a few threads on this topic already.

I don’t think the different altitude would matter in zwift but the fact that the Stelvio has about 300 meters more elevation gain, could make it a challenge, unless…Zwift were to extend the mountain to the ski resort that sits just beyond the town. They could include the real road 'Route Des Lacs" to connect the two.

Or just use the Pozza San Glisente for good measure :wink: