real climbs

how about virtual real time climbs of Alp d`huez and mont venteox

Make sure you vote up the existing request just like yours so Zwift know what the users want.

Nairo Quintana climbed Alpe d’Huez in 39:22. Greg LeMond took 48:00. We lesser climbers might not get to the top once in a typical trainer session. The median personal record on Strava is 1:23:44 ( ).

It’s over 14 kilometers and the average grade is 8.1% with a max of 13%. I don’t see that climbs of that length would get a lot of use in Zwift. It would be fun as a challenge every once in a while. What would be the cost in course development time? How much use might we get out of other course development that we’d get from the Zwift team in the same time as we might get out of an Alpe d’Huez?

(I did buy a virtual ride video of the Alpe d’Huez climb that I am going to use this year, as an adventure of sorts. I’ve used Zwift for more time and more kms.)

Agree with Steve here. The development time for these sorts of courses would well outweigh their use to the community as a whole. If someone wants to do these rides there are plenty of VR options…including at least one that is free.

I’d be up for a shorter version. I don’t think the climb needs to be an exact replica of the real world but a decent climb with lots of switchbacks is what a few of us are after. Development time should be a lot quicker of natural scenery than buildings as we’re about to get in the pending London Expansion.

In fact the following video is the sort of thing I want and expect from Zwift:

Maybe I’m using the wrong virtual app?

Yup, Road Grand Tours is what you want if you want real life climbs - for the most part they are nowhere near as interesting on a trainer as real life - I’ve used RGT but I keep going back to Zwift.

Real life climbs get requested over and over and over - and yet most people would ride them once - then go back to the other routes.

Nigel,  I watched that video, and I rode the real Stelvio last September, and the video looked a LOT like the real road.  I’m impressed by that.