Future Courses/ Islands

Excellent suggestion👍

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I would like to see two types of course added: (1) A course modeled after Dirty Kanza gravel race where the course starts flat, then goes through a stretch of many short but steep hills that take 3-5 minutes to climb followed by downhill, etc, then flat at the end - about 20 miles in length. Dirty Kanza type landscape would be quite awesome with scenic views, riding through streams, etc. This repeated short hill training does not exist in Zwift today and in my view is great for training. (2) I agree with the triathletes requesting a course that is flat with some rolling hills not over 3-4% grade (with combination of city and country scenery). I think we are currently good with city routes and long climbs.


Agreed, there are no limits, especially with the futuristic theme!
Possibly an area/zone that we can ride “through” to be transported to another area of the States, maybe a mountain range that allows long steady climbs that compliment the short, punchy rides already in NYC…

How about Paris Roubaix and / Flanders. Everyone shoots for climbs , and i am a fan of climbs , but would be great to have the constant up / down / cobbles / steep gradients of Flanders terrain.

Finish at the Roubaix Velodrome with a cheering crowd would be awesome :smile:

Disclaimer: thinking of doing Flanders Sportiff next year :slight_smile:

ride on


I agree. Terrain and interesting features is a lot more appealing than more blocky buildings.

Look at the Jungle for the best example of a spectacular area vs the buildings in NY area…


Check this one out. The roads coming off of the Alpe are loosely based off of Col de Sarenne and D448 that comes out of the side of the IRL Alpe d’Huez.

On top of roaming and racing around the US, I’ve been lucky enough to spend months of my life in Marinilla, Colombia (where Froome is currently training), with the Rwandan national team in Kinigi, Rwanda, and riding through the Alps in France, Italy and the tip western of Slovenia. There is an endless list of roads and climbs that I would love to see get incorporated into zwift and I’ve only experienced a small fraction of the world.


Thanks! If you want to look at some of the rides that I’ve been talking and dream about of having in Zwift check out my Strava rides from 2016 (February to March in Marinilla, Colombia), 2017 (August to November in Rwanda) and 2018 (September in France, Italy and Slovenia).

I would love to see a map from a Game. Like World of War Craft. or D&D’s Forgotten Realm, or ride through middle-earth (lord of the rings)
I think that would be fantastic. with a game like World of Warcraft, you can already get the rendering from the game itself. and there are TONS of paths and zones to go through.


I also think there would be a licensing cost to it also, which would more than likely make it to expensive to integrate.

I would like to see a “never ending” bride almost flat around the watopia island.
a high speed course.


Skytopia anyone?
For all who finished “Climb Mt. Everest” challenge:


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Sign a contract with Nintendo and get some Mario Kart style racing set up, complete with throwing shells, bananas, jumps, etc.


Please take us some day to the Dolomites of Italy! It’s the most beautiful area I have ever ridden in. Great climbs and mind blowing scenery. Something for your graphic artists to really get their teeth into!


Vzpon na Mangart - tekma | Strava Ride Segment in Bovec, Bovec, Slovenia I would love to see this one (Mangart) in there. One of the most incredible climbs that I’ve ever done. If they go for the Dolomites, I hope they skip Zoncolan. That’s a once and done climb unless you have to race up it IRL. There were times that my 34x32 wasn’t easy enough for my liking.

This one would be a must: https://www.strava.com/activities/1667717341/segments/41805959661

There is a lot of great riding around this area and I think it would be good material for Zwifters.

Something completely zany but what about a map like this? This is my strava heat map of when I was coaching the Rwandan national team. We lived at 7,000ft, had 14,000ft volcanoes not too far away and could go down to Lake Kivu at 4,800 ft. The riding an scenery was amazing for doing out and back rides, On the downside, if you want a flat ride, you won’t find it in the “land of 1000 hills”.

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Innsbruck: The Gnadenwald is a 2.6 kilometres climb at 10.5%.
London: Harrowgate Circuit (2019 UCI WC lap)
Watopia: Those darn cones before the Jungle circuit, open up - Level 50 only Elevator to top of Alp?
Richmond: Give us a reverse!
New York: Plow it up and plant wild flowers.
Will be interesting to see the actual usage numbers…


I like this idea, Daren. We need more nature & dirt on Zwift.

Imagine if you could do a trip of 500 miles on dirt and gravel roads and you would be able to save and continue your ride each day.


only if it can be done without the dust/smoke screen.


New Watopia coming zoon? :see_no_evil::speak_no_evil: