Couple of Epic Mountain Climbs

(Anthony James (Team Extreme)) #1

Create a couple of rides based on data from gpx files and other data.


Example a nice long flat warm up leading into say Col d’ Izoard or Mt. Evans, Mt. Lemon, Alp D Huez, etc…



(Allan Brown) #2

Yip, something I’d like to see as well.

(Mark Hewitt) #3

It’s something I would like to see as part of a Watopia road network. Some flat sections some epic climbs eg the Watopia version Sa Calobra. 

There could also be built up areas to ride through based on the work done for Richmond. 

(Ron Skinner) #4

yes a straight uninterrupted climb that would take 20-30 minutes at 4 watts/ kg would be a great training option, it would be nice if it was a side road for the lap, say you could chose to go onto the long climb or stay on the normal loop.  the climb should have variation in slope like a real mountain with segments at 5% and others at say 7-10%, not sure many would enjoy hitting >10% for more than a few seconds.

(Johnny G) #5

In real life I can hold 10-12mph on an 11% grade, on zwift I do 7-8mph with the same cadence. Does this happen to anybody else?


I agree that Zwift needs to program some epic climbs even if they only make them available to smart trainer users. On a resistance trainer I would be averaging over 100rpm for the hold climb in order to hold a respectable speed.

(Allan Brown) #6

There is a mountain climb in development now. You can see the development via the flat or 8 loop on Watopia.

(François Trout) #7

Hope to see something over 1000m on Zwift !