Watopia Climber Training Park

Just an idea I have been thinking about when doing structure workouts involving climbing exercise such as SFR, progressions/regressions/intervals on either medium (20’) or long (40-60’) climbs, etc.

It would be awesome to have a sort of Climber Training Park in Watopia with 3-4 long climbs to choose from, each having different but super-regular gradient, say 4-6% for Climb 1, 6-8% for Climb 2, 8-10% for Climb 3, and a 10-12% for Climb 4. Each climb should be long enough to allow for up to 1h climbing for B-to-A category athletes, so that everybody can get plenty of it. They could even be infinite with looped/random scenery for that matter (good for crazy Everesting guys)…
No flat or descent parts while climbing and no steep walls such as radio tower either. Just super-regular uphill roads for specific-training purposes.
Of course fancy sceneries/landscapes and whatever funny idea (bonus, challenges…) developers can come up with to improve the gaming experience would be welcome!

It would be a nice features for both athletes and professionals in the training business. It would also be an excellent alternative for more outdoor-feeling interval-training workouts if compared to common Erg-mode workouts.

Also, it should be pretty straightforward to implement…

One drawback: lots of tron bikes around then :wink:, so maybe the climbs could be unlocked while progressing with experience (e.g. climb 1 at level 5, climb 2 at level 10…).

Hope the idea is not too crazy!