Just a teaser of Watopia Mountain Route... soon to come :D

(Badea Cristi) #1

Pictures from Eric Min’s “test drive” on strava :smiley:


(Stef Levolger) #2

Can’t wait to the release :-).

(Graham Beard TeamODZ) #3


(Jono Wilkinson SUB2) #4

Can’t wait to spend all my money on a new smart trainer :’(

(Jean-Luc EYRAUD [FRA]) #5

Yes good, when this Road arrived.

(Paul Allen) #6

Sick of the mountain route and it has not even been released.

(Joanna Abbott [REVO]) #7

Jeez Paul! Cheer up old chap. Isn’t cycling/zwift what you do for fun? This is all in the name of fun my friend. 

(Paul Pisani PKSBIKESHOP.COM) #8

Poor Pauly…has himself a case of sour grapes…

(Brenda Bahnson) #9


(Paul Allen) #10

Paul Pisani,

Thanks for the personal attack, I hope it makes you feel like a man.

(Bertram Redmeijer (B)) #11

I got to admit that I had expected a bit higher “mountain” then a 400 meter high one. Ok, it is higher then the mountains here (in the Netherlands), but even Belgium beats this. I was hoping for something a bit more Alp like.

(Stef Levolger) #12

Always room for a higher mountain in a future update I’d say :-). Going for a 400m mountain gives something which a greater audience can enjoy. For an increased subscriber base it’s the masses you want to appeal to first after all.

(Michiel van der Wal [HIK] (B)) #13

I agree, 400 m is a good climb, a real Alp would become too much of a struggle. Okay to do once in a while, but not too often. Also like the fact that there’s a steeper and a more moderate side. But I really hope the grade is more steady than the Strava profile shows. Grade changes are terrible, especially on an indoor trainer. In the earlier VR worlds of the Tacx TTS program they made the same error. Made the VR terrain unusable. Smooth is the way to go!

(David Griscom YCW) #14

Let’s just get this climb open for now and then we can start clamoring for something bigger

(Badea Cristi) #15

Hope we get it this weekend :slight_smile:

(Art Vandelay (Direto)) #16

So you release this the day AFTER I get the tron bike?  <sigh>

(Andrew Jarrod) #17

Has today been changed from a Richmond day to a Watopia day ?


(Matthew Staller) #18

Just beautiful, stunning.

(Ro Tifer) #19

Rode it this morning - great addition!

(Syd Nakter) #20

Fantastic addition. My thanks and congratulations to the whole team!