Mountain 8 course direction

(Hamish Moffatt) #1

Is the mountain 8 course direction random? The first two times I rode this it took me up the gentler way, but the next two times it’s gone to the steep way first. I wish I could choose one or the other up front instead.

(Bertram Redmeijer) #2

It wasn’t, but last Sunday I also got sent in another direction then expected… it is either changed, or it is a bug.


(Eric Schlange [ZwftInsdr] B) #3

You might try this:

(Lindsay Ruppert) #4

Hi Hamish - 

As ZwiftBlog Test 2 suggested, you can try clearing out your prefs file to make sure that you aren’t having lingering issues from our old route system.

Also please keep in mind that if you execute a u-turn, you will be riding the course in reverse, which would send you up the steep side of the mountain first. Could this possibly explain the issue you saw?

If it happens again, and you have not performed a u-turn during your ride, please open a support ticket and provide the log file from that ride so we can investigate the issue further.


(Hamish Moffatt) #5

I deleted prefs.xml from my C:\Users directory, but Zwift still look me the steep side first. In neither ride had I made any manual turns before then.


At the top I made a turn to skip the radio tower part this time. I then went down (the shallower side), around the original course, back under the water and then it took me up the steep side again!!

I’ll send in the log.

(Lindsay Ruppert) #6

Hi Hamish - 

I’m sorry, I’m afraid I communicated some incorrect information in my earlier post. I’ve reviewed the route, and the Mountain 8 should take you up the steep side first. If you have selected the Mountain 8 route, it will always attempt to route you up the steep side if you have not executed a u-turn. 

(Hamish Moffatt) #7

No problem Lindsay, thanks for clarifying. Is there another one of the standard route preferences that goes up the shallower side first?

(Lindsay Ruppert) #8

You can continue using the Mountain 8 and use the down arrow key once you start riding to perform a u-turn, which will take you up the less steep side first. You can also select either the Pretzel or the Mountain Route and ride them in the normal direction.

Hope this helped!