Watopia Figure 8 not working - sends me up the backside of the montain

(K Williamson ZBR) #1

New bug report! This morning after the update I picked figure 8 and it took me up the backside of the mountain. So after Ocean Blvd tunnels it took a left at the windmills instead of continuing on through the Marina. Interesting - I think you need to rename one of them so there is a clear difference between Figure 8 and Mountain 8. One of them needs to lose the numeral 8!

Keep up the great work though love the product! If I can’t get outside because of weather or time it’s time to Zwift.





(Lindsay Ruppert) #2

Hi Kirk -

Thanks for the report. We have verified that the Figure 8 is not routing correctly since our last update. We are very sorry for this issue, especially as we had fixed it in the update previous to that. We will be sure to fully vet all the routes for our next update to prevent any further issues.

Thank you for your support, and ride on!