Figure 8 routing changed?

(Christian Wiedmann [X] 50) #1

 It seems like the Figure 8 routing is going up the Epic KOM now. Is this an intentional change, or is this a regression? We had a race scheduled for the Figure 8 today and it fell apart when half the pack went up the mountain and the other half manually continued on the original Figure 8 course.

(Eric McDonald) #2

Yes, it looks like it is broken again.  I’m assuming this started with the latest update.  This had happened before, but it was resolved with a patch.

(Lindsay Ruppert) #3

Hey there - 

Thanks for the report. We have verified that the Figure 8 is not routing correctly since our last update. We are very sorry for this issue, especially as we had fixed it in the update previous to that. We will be sure to fully vet all the routes for our next update to prevent any further issues with pathing.

Thank you for your support, and ride on!

(Peter Hancock) #4

Thank you for addressing the broken routes!