Elevation profile not tracking currently selected route

note: not sure if this is a bug or a feature but I figured I would list it as a bug first.

The course elevation profile that is presented at the bottom of the map inset at the top-right of the screen does not track the current route that is selected. For example, some routes in Watopia start going up the Epic KOM but then later automatically turn right/left to take a route and don’t actually go up the full Epic KOM, yet the full Epic KOM shows up on the elevation profile as if you were about to climb the entire climb but then disappears when an automatic turn is made to follow the selected route.

If you have selected a pre-determined route then the elevation profile should reflect the path you are about to automatically take, not the path that would be taken if there are no turns made.

Unless you know that this is going to happen because you remember the route from a previous ride it is difficult to manage your effort unless you know exactly what road lies ahead.

There are some other display issues that are related to this same type of issue. The game knows what turns I am going to take so there are certain display items that can be adjusted/suppressed accordingly… for example:

  1. If the selected route is not going up a particular KOM there is no need to show the KOM timer or top-10 list or previous 30-day PR just because the selected route crosses the start line of that KOM… same applies to circuits and other segments like sprint segments. On the other hand, if, after crossing the start of one of these segments, I later manually make a turn left/right to continue up the KOM (or circuit) then the display should update showing my current time up/position on that segment. …so basically I am asking for this to be suppressed on the display unless my intention is to actually complete it.

  2. The rider list suffers from similar problems. When an automatic turn is made to follow the selected route the riders list seems to be cleared and then updated with riders on this new road. Again, since I am riding a pre-selected route the rider list should be populated with riders along the road that I am going to take to follow the route rather than riders that are on the path that would be taken if no turns were made at all.

Yep. It’s a tad annoying.

I just want to re-up the annoyance of not having the displayed elevation profile correspond to the route you’re riding (when you’re on a route / with a pace partner / in an event).

The place where it’s most annoying is in France, because the routes all show Ventoux, which causes any other hill in the world to essentially disappear. But it’s also just something that always seems glitchy and I hope you will consider pairing the elevation profile to the route that is being used.

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