Elevation Profile Glitch

Lately, I’ve noticed my cursor in the elevation profile doesn’t ascend, but rather continues along the bottom of the of the profile map. Also, the more specific elevation profile in the upper right will show the percentage of grade change no problem, but the diagonal line will eventually disappear up out of the screen so that all that’s left is a black box. Here’s a resulting picture (wish I had taken a “before” pic):

You can see my cursor near the KOM, kind of hovering below the grade, and you can see there’s no elevation profile in the detail box in the upper right - just a percentage. Prior to this point, when I was just entering Box Hill, the detail box clearly showed the diagonal line representing the grade.

I’ve noticed like on my May 9th ride, “Greatest London Loop”:


… however, it was OK the next ride.


Was your next ride also London? Maybe it’s just a London glitch? Seems my last few rides might have been London for some reason.

The other ride was an event that took place in Watopia. I did my warm-up in London, in a rather flat section, so I can’t really tell if the issue was a one-off, London, or random.

To date, London is the only place I witnessed such.

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Noticed the same thing today, also on a london route (Surrey hills). Orange rider marker at the bottom doesn’t follow the incline of the profile. Also found the black elevation profile at the top seems to be absolute elevation. If you are at low elevation it is fine. As you climb, the profile keeps going up out of the box on top of the screen. When you descend low enough, it reappears.

yeah I raised this too - it is really annoying and makes planning the hills and knowing what is coming up really hard - i use that little gradient graph a lot on climbs

was just wondering - do people from zwift actually read these or is there a better place to raise glitches and bugs?

Yes, they monitor the forums. The forum manager regularly posts and helps people solve issues.

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it is just i see a lot of things raised a number of times without any official zwift reply or resolution to the issues.


There are not nearly as many of ‘them’ as there are of ‘us’. :wink:

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Windows 10 PC, latest update.

Seen this in both free rides and tonight’s Tour for All race - the minimap/elevation goes wrong on Keith Hill as per the images below. Orange rider icon doesn’t follow the hill profile silhouette on either the climb or descent, and the gradient indicator turns into a solid block that goes off the screen instead of showing the current/upcoming gradient.



I’ve also noticed this the last two days, Surrey Hills TfA ride this morning and London 8 free ride yesterday. Did not notice it on TfA Stage 4 short ride on Watopia.

Edit: on Windows 10

I have this too, also only in London. I don’t ride London that often but it looks like it started around the same time as the first post (May) as it’s definitely been more than a few weeks. I’ve raised a ticket with support but they obviously know about it already.

I saw this the other day riding Box Hill in London on AppleTV.