Elevation Profile Bug

I’ve noticed on a few occasions on the London route that my elevation profile is wrong. It happened again today on a ride up Boxhill on the London 8 route. As I started to climb, the little arrow bubble that shows where you are on the hill profile did not move up the slope, but instead stayed at the bottom. As I climbed, the other box where the gradient is shown just all turned grey as my bubble disappeared off the top of it. I have attached some screenshots to explain what I mean which hopefully clarify. I’ve not noticed this happen on any other routes - I did the KOM climb on Wattopia a few days back and it all worked fine. It’s more an annoyance than anything else, as I know the profiles pretty well for most routes, but would maybe annoy others more who aren’t so sure of the climb, and what is coming next?

The first two photos are a bit blurry as took them all whilst riding, but hopefully the last one gives a good sense of what I am referring to? If you click on it to make it large. You can see I am just near the top of the climb, but my little arrow bubble along the route profile is still at ground zero. The gradient box where the -1% is is all greyed out where is should show my arrow bubble and the slope.

I am running Zwift on a 2017 iMac, and utilise a Tacx Neo V1 trainer if that is of any help? The link to the ride is on Strava at:


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