Gradient Meter Bug

Every time I ride in London and climb Leith or Box, the gradient meter at the top right disappears until I come back down the hill. It’s like it’s set to absolute height, not relative. Annoying as you can’t see when the gradient is due to flatten out and pace yourself.

See attached image. Does this happen to anyone else?

Using iPad Pro, latest iOS and Zwift app. Has happened for a few months. It only happens in London.

This has been reported multiple times. You may want to search for the other threads and vote them up.

As others have said, I reported this close to a year ago, it was moved to known issues in May last year but I guess they don’t care too much about it or it is super low priority.

Seems like it should be an easy fix as it works on all other maps but no e-sports means no development budget these days.

Thanks all. If only there was an easier way to report bugs to Zwift.

Agree that seems a very easy fix given it works everywhere else. Thankfully I know both hills IRL.

The problem is this was has been reported to zwift (it is in known issues) and still has been left for months and months.

to be honest we’ve been waiting for saves without exit for 4 years so i wouldn’t hold you breath!

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