Gradient graph scaling does not work when going up Surrey Hills in London

When you climb Box Hill, Leith Hill, etc. the gradient graph above the mini map stops adjusting. The bar graph gradually fills completely with black as you climb and you cannot see the gradient number until you’ve descended back down from the hills.

Hi @David_Williams_D2

I’m Steven with Zwift tech support, and thanks for reporting this issue.

Based on your description, it does seem potentially buggy, so we’d very much like you to submit a support request to our team directly, which you can do here if you haven’t already.

Doing so will help us fill in the details of your reported issue, including what devices you’re using for Zwift, and if the issue is happening on Zwift (game) or Zwift Companion (ZC).

Also, when you send us a support request, it’ll be helpful to include any screenshots or video you may have that exhibits the issue. Any visual aids you provide can oftentimes go a long way in our efforts to confirm whether yours is an existing issue or a new one.

Thanks for your help!

@Steven_D this is a long-standing bug in Zwift that has been reported MANY times, with zero response from Zwift. I appreciate that you want the OP to put in a support request, but this issue has been around for at least a couple of years. Why should we think it would be addressed now when it has been ignored for so long?

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Thanks for letting me know, Nigel.

I’ve looked into this matter further, and I believe I did find an existing known issue for something Zwift’s developers are still investigating and which seems to accurately match what’s been described here. I’ll make sure this is updated, and I’ll do my best to get some attention on it.

Thanks again!

First reported by @Chris_Holton in May 2020.

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Can you let the devs know this comes up all the time? It’s been an issue for so long and just feels unpolished, lots of people do notice it whenever they ride these areas.

Hey all, thanks for the info on this, and it’s much appreciated!

So @David_Williams_D2 and everyone: yup, we’ve reproduced this bug, and we’re working on a fix, so that’s confirmed.

I’ve gone ahead and updated this thread with the appropriate tags.

Thanks again for the diligence, everyone, and rest assured this issue hasn’t been forgotten.

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