Deciphering profile view

 I’m having difficulty figuring out what the tiny markings on the elevation profile indicate.  Hard to see “myself” or any movement.  Is there a way to see the ride profile any larger?

My experience is there’s two profiles in the upper right box area.  One is a close up and has the grade percentage.  The other one is the entire mountian or climb.  I didn’t even know this was there until I did the Fondo.

So if you haven’t been up the EPIC KOM yet I would do that and you’ll see what I’m talking about.  Take plenty of water and towels though.

Hope this help. :slight_smile:

Thank you. That helps. So, the other little markings on the road profile are the start and ends of the course?
I’d love to be able to see what is “next”, in addition to the whole route and what is “now”. On second thought, maybe it’s better not to know…

What is next depend on the turns you choose. 

The little markings on the picture i posted? The little white markings are the Other riders.


I was hoping there was a way to alter the size of that window, the Road Profile in particular.  It’s so tiny, only the biggest hills are visible.  It would probably be easier to see if I invested in a big screen TV, but that’s not an option. 

(my image won’t post…)