Mountain 8 with Radiotower problem


Just some info for the developers.

I’ve selected Mountain 8 got up past the arch banner/KOM, and then, rather than head down the other side (as per the default option setting, I have selected the left turn to “add on” the radio tower climb, I get up to the radio tower, head back down the mountain, at the first junction I have let the default left turn option remain (I assume to head back down the other side) but, as soon as the junction comes up and the bike goes to turn left the screen/system freezes, then Zwift shuts down/closes.

The “partial” ride still shows up on the Zwift web page which I can then download and upload to Strava and Training Peaks.

This has happened on both occasions I have selected this.

From searching for anybody with a similar problem, I have come to realize that if i want to include the radio tower I should choose the Pretzel option on the drop down menu, but just wanted to bring this current glitch/bug to your attention.



Hi JT, 

Thank you so much for your feedback and please accept our apology. This bug has been fixed already and will be out in the next update which should be by end of this week. 

Thank you