Time for new Watopia routes

I’m level 25, got the Tron bike and got most of the achievements. Things are starting to get really boring riding the same old roads on Watopia (and London and Richmond). Yesterday rather than ride Zwift I signed up for Rouvy, a virtual ride simulator and rode that instead of Zwift. I’d much rather be riding on Zwift but there’s so little variety.

So please, can we have some new routes, particularly on Watopia.

This GCN video from Eurobike seems to imply that Zwift is working on several new routes…


Do you normally ride by yourself?  I started-out on Zwift by riding solo like I do in my normally “real life” cycling, but that did get boring after a while.  I now try to look for a group ride or race to join and that usually gets me so focused on trying to stay with the pack that I don’t really pay much attention to the scenery.  

I ride while listening to some kind of podcast to keep my brain busy.  While I like new scenery, as a human I am fickle and always wanting something new to look at, which is nearly impossible to keep-up with from a programming perspective.  

I do 1 or 2 group rides / races per week on Zwift.

Zwift recently said that the summer route release won’t be until October.

I would rather have the route looking and working great, then a rushed version that looks sloppy.

Race, don’t just ride all of the time. I don’t know anybody that rides “for the scenery”

If you look at the scenery you are going to slow… ha ha.


I found that when I do workouts i dont even see the scenery.

Apart from the races / group rides all of my other Zwifting are workouts. 

Hi Nigel,

We definitely have more routes planned, but they do take time to create! Each organic, gluten-free course is hand-crafted by our in-house artisans, all of which have access to pasture. As such, we spend a lot of time and care to make sure they ride well and look beautiful.

Zwift ain’t no factory course operation where you dump in some coordinates and we randomly generate a lifeless route with the same tree repeated 1000 times. :slight_smile:

I hope you feel that the end result is worth every ounce of effort and I trust that once you see our up-and-coming courses, you’ll agree! I wish we could get them out faster but we’re a firm believer in getting them right before you get them out.

Your patience is appreciated!

Gluten free! Now that explain why I have been loosing weight. 

Earlier today I cycled the Mountain Loop in reverse (CCW) and caught a glimpse of what looked like some road works! 

It was on the right hand side of the road after the bridge thats at the foot of the hairpin climb that goes up towars the ski lifts.

Could this be a new junction that’s being built?

The mini map also had a lot of empty green space to the west of this hairpin climb and the radio tower.


Yes this is part of the new expansion coming in October supposedly.

Zwift should create a climb/route as incredible as this one. Amazing!