PC arrow keys swapped on Jungle end of Epic KOM bypass

In the attached inage, left arrow moves the turn selection right, and right arrow moves the turn selection left.

Also, at the same intersection, when coming up from the Italian villas, you cannot select the Epic KOM bypass using arrow keys on a PC. You can select Epic KOM or Jungle, but not the bypass.


Can confirm.
Happened to me too.
Was not sure if it’s a bug in Zwift or in my brain as my HR was a bit high at that moment. :thinking:
Glad it’s just a bug in Zwift :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh, I was at the wrong intersection. I meant the short little bypass between the two bridges (where the seals are). There the arrow keys are all wrong too.

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I can also confirm this. I experience the issue when attempting to turn onto the Epic KOM Bypass road in the reverse direction, either from the bridge or the descent from the summit of the Epic KOM. I also had it happen to me in the France world while continuing to ride after an event (a TDZ makeup stage), same thing, the sense of the arrow keys on the PC/laptop keyboard are reversed when attempting to make a turn at an intersection…

Can confirm for the Epic KOM Bypass too.
If you want to ride the Cliffside road down (towards Jungle) you have to use Companion or the mouse :frowning:

The two intersections where the KOM bypass intersects the KOM and KOM reverse have the left and right cursor key’s mapped incorrectly.

When the turn indication icons are displayed on the screen, the left arrow should move you to the left icon (if you have the right icon selected) and vice versa. What you actually see is when the right icon is selected, you need to use the right arrow to move to the left icon (and again vice versa.)

For the Mountain Reverse which has three turn icons, you need to use the wrong direction twice to traverse.

Two of the three directions for the Mountain KOM intersection are incorrect (I think down and from the bypass.)

Two of the three directions for the Mountain KOM reverse are incorrect (I think down and from the bypass.)

Maybe it’s about time to resolve this bug?

Quite a few people discover this bug when they try to navigate through the new rebel route Cliffside Epic Double

Don’t fix it now. It would just confuse everyone!