Left Arrow for Epic KOM bypass doesn't work

I’m not sure if this has been raised before but I have noticed that the left arrow doesn’t work for steering onto the epic kom bypass.

Strangely pressing the right arrow twice does select the bypass (it goes to the jungle/alp with one press then the bypass with the next)

this is in windows and using a keyboard to select the direct.

left and right arrows seem to work in the companion app.

Yes, Zwift messed up manual turns on several of the “new” (not new at all now) roads, with the opposite buttons needing to be pressed. There’s at least one thread on it somewhere. At least, I think that was the same problem?


Yeah, this started back in December I think


This still doesn’t work

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Two wrongs don’t make a right but in this case two rights make a left!

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Note, this was reported Dec 2020.
I’m sure it just got over looked.
It was reported 13-14 months ago and I sure most people assumed it was fixed.
I would think this is very low hanging fruit.

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I was actually coming down the Epic KOM after doing climbers gambit and couldn’t turn left onto the bypass with the keyboard. I used the mouse, but didn’t try the “two rights” trick.

Yes, how hard is this to fix?

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