Keyboard steering for new routes is incorrect

I have been riding the new routes added in Game Update - December 17th, 2020 and manual steering using a keyboard is only correct in Serpentine 8. On the intersections added for Beach Island Loop, Two Bridges Loop, and Ocean Lava Cliffside Loop then the keyboard loops through them in the incorrect order. As a specific example, then I was riding Rebel Route: Italian Villas Sprint Loop today doing right-hand turns but had to press the left arrow key on the keyboard when coming from the sprint/JWB:


Same is happening here:


Coming from the Jungle the middle option is the Epic KOM Bypass but ends up on either the right or left arrow (I’m not sure, which, I panicked and pressed all the buttons until the correct one was selected on the screen).

:point_up_2: Yes… I’ve also noticed this ( actually noticing it on almost every ride, since this is on my favorite route ), but…

After being on Zwift for a few years any hope of Zwift reading the “Bugs and support” threads is non existent :roll_eyes:
So didn’t bother to post. Glad you did and crossing my fingers :crossed_fingers: That Zwift proves me wrong :wink:

Also… When going down the reverse KOM after some “fun” on the Radio Tower the time from the route selection shows up at the three way junction at the bottom until you have to select is very short.


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Add it to the long list of other irritating but ultimately not game-breaking bugs they might be working on but probably aren’t.


I can see all the negative comments already if they announce they “fixed a bug” that had the incorrect keyboard navigation arrows on these routes. “what about fixing (insert your favorite complaint), who cares about manual navigation!!” :man_shrugging: