3A is no joke!

Congrats to everyone that completes 3A! I didn’t know there was snow above the clouds in Watopia!

From the context I’m guessing you’re referring to the 2022 Tour of Watopia ride, which used ‘Tour of Fire and Ice’ and ends at the summit of Alpe du Zwift (AdZ).

In case you haven’t heard about it before, it’s a GPS-accurate reproduction of the renowned Alpe d’Huez route that features regularly in the Tour de France. (The TdF summit finish is a little further along the road IRL, but we aren’t going to quibble.)
It’s currently level-locked, so inaccessible for those who aren’t at level 6 yet, apart from in events/races and meetups, I believe.
After your fifth ascent of AdZ you get a badge for your efforts, as you do after your twenty-fifth. The latter badge is called the Masoch*st… which the oversensitive Zwift Forums filter doesn’t allow us to write in full.

For more snow in Watopia (but with less climbing), select the “Mountain Route”, which brings you onto an alpine pass, with a short but brutal ‘bonus climb’ at around 15% average gradient up to the radio tower. That one’s not level-locked, as far as I recall. Other routes take you up the pass, some from the other side. Not all take you up to the radio tower, but you can always choose a manual turn to get up it.


Awesome info! I didn’t know any of that. I don’t think I’m going to do this one a second time right away like I did with stage one and two. :blush:


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