Wahoo climb challenge

Hi team, I’m on level 11 or close to it now but likely with Xmas coming won’t reach 12 until next year. Keen to reach it to enable access to Alpe Du Zwift. I’ve just seen the climbing challenge and thought what a good idea it would be for zwift to open up Alp Du
Zwift during the Wahoo climb challenge until it finishes on 27th to help people reach the totals and give people more of an opportunity to enter…


I agree. I’m almost a lvl 9 after 3 weeks so can’t access the best climb for this. Doing laps on Box hill will get pretty boring.

I entered today and I have already ridden Zwift on December 1st and 2nd. Will these altitude meters be included?

Restart zwift and check the progress bar on the start ride screen, but my guess it only counts after you have signed up for the mission.

If I am correct the Wahoo Challenge didn’t start until the 3rd, so any rides done before that would not count.

Starts 12/3 & ends 12/23 at 11:59PM PST

When alp du zwift wasn’t around, people still could complete the tron bike challenge by doing the Epic KOM and radio tower repeats… unlocking different parts of the game with leveling up is part of the gamification of zwift. It’s a reward for riding… it gets people going! If everything would be available from day 1 for everyone, there would be a lot less of ‘drive’ for people. Look at how many people have been screaming for more level unlocks for years…


You can ride AdZ during a Group ride or join a rider that is going to do the climb.

Does this mean you can camp by the AdZ turn-off, keeping an eye on your nearby riders list, then when someone comes by who is headed for AdZ, join them on their ride?

I believe you have to use the Join Rider function within the game.

Sorry, yes, that’s what I meant. You would have to exit out having taken note of their name, then restart a ride and find them in the Join Another Zwifter list. It’s a creepy workaround, but perhaps effective?

Might work, I have never tried it.

Good luck finding them on the Join Another Zwifter list…unless you “follow” them first! :wink:

Not disagreeing and I’ll reach level 12 no issues at all. As I’m not quite there yet I thought it would be good to open it up just for this challenge. Then remove it again on the 27th.

No, you cannot ride thru with someone else; you must be part of an organized group ride that goes up the Alpe.
You DO NOT need to ride the alpe to participate in the challenge.

Judging by my own rides, I’d say the Epic KOM will give you more or less the same elevation for the time spent riding. Of course, it’ll depend where you start from etc., but:


Examples of two of my rides. The time is almost identical, and while the Epic KOM ride was about 50m shorter, it was 7km longer. That’s an extra 140XP towards your level 12 goal each time you ride it.


Worth noting that it finishes on December 23rd.

To be precise, 11:59 PM PST December 23, 2018.


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I have two questions. First is, a comment above says the Wahoo Challenge runs December 3-23, but my Progress Screen says December 1-23. If it really started on the 3rd, you should fix the text on the Mission box, where it displays progress.

Second question is, after signing up on my Apple TV and doing a ride on 12/4 with 1071 feet of climb, I turned around today and had to use my iPad. It appears it didn’t update and now today’s ride with 1,248 feet of climb is not being counted. Help me Zwift!

I am currently doing the Everest challenge, if I join the wahoo challenge will my climbing meters go to that instead of the Everest ? Or both at same time ?

You can do both and the elevation with count towards both of them.

Thanks Paul , a bit of a no brainer then .It feels like double rewards .