Wahoo climbing mission

Hi all anyone know what events we have to do for metres gained to count towards this mission, just done a route including an alpe ride and didnt count.

Was it during a workout by chance? also, see this:

No just a normal ride, ah cheers so looks lime its not started yet ?

Zwift is somehow the best virtual cycling program and complete garbage at the same time.

Just once you’d think they could set up an event that works like its supposed to.


Hi All,

I just wanted to jump in here to see if the fix has occurred yet for counting the elevation climbed. It is now Feb 1 and I have climbed 6,713 ft, based on my activities data, and my Wahoo Climbing stats say I have climbed 1,950 ft since Jan 24th. (:confused:)
I loosing my motivation to get to 10,000ft.

Will someone get back to us about this?

Hi @Francis_Eberle, welcome to the forums. Please contact support, see post below: