Wahoo Climbing Challenge Progress & Rewards

I joined the Wahoo Challenge and already climbed over 7500ft according to the email I got:

Well done! You climbed 7,500ft // 2,286m during the Wahoo Climb Mission.

But in game it says I’ve only got about 5000ft climbed.

Also in the email it states:

Your Wahoo cycling cap and socks are unlocked and in your Zwift closet.

But I don’t see them available.

I received the same email this morning after my ride. In my case, it is also wrong as I’ve only climbed a bit over 1600m.

I plan to keep riding. Eventually, I will hit the targets and the stuff will unlock. Between now and then, I have confidence Zwift will sort this out :thinking: :joy:

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Over the last couple of days I was credited for my first climb at around 1100+ feet but my total did not update after climbing another 3760 feet today, it’s still showing 1100+ feet in game. I did however also receive an email saying that I had completed 7500 feet already… Clearly some bugs with this mission.

Same problem here.i have climbed over 10000 feet but it’s only showing just under 6000.2 rides have not been recognised

My wife and I have both elected the Wahoo Climbing Mission back on the 3rd or 4th of December. Neither of us have gotten any credit for any climbing feet at all. Gonna keep climbing anyway - hopefully some tech nerd at Zwift will get this fixed.

Same problem here: climbed 800m on December 4th and was not credited anything… :frowning:

David - Are you by chance auto joining group rides, races, or workouts? I have been doing like 30-60 minute pre-group rides, then letting zwift auto join me to a ride, and I loose all that was done previously to the group ride.

Hey all, this is an issue that we’re aware of an working on it. No ETA on a patch yet but I’ll keep you all posted. Thanks for writing in.

Edit: Wahoo Climb mission not updating progress

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no brian , i was not auto joining. seems indiscriminate, just pot luck if it records it or not .

Yeah, I climbed around 2,400 feet for my first challenge ride and nothing is showing up on the gage.

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hopefully it will be sorted, i will continue to climb and see if it rights itself. just did the korea cup ride this morning , another 2600 feet or so but not recognised… annoying but not the end of the world :slight_smile:

I signed up Monday 12/3 on my Apple TV, rode - all was good. Then on Tuesday 12/4 I used my iPad and rode. That ride (about 1,200 feet of climb) has not been counted. Maybe because the iPad had not updated the app? Anyway, I had already registered. Hoping to get my 1200 feet of climbing counted!

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Hi all, I’ve been keeping track of my climbing progress. Like yourselves I got the “You’ve climbed X amount” before I actually had. Then after a days rest (hangover) I did a 2,077ft climb only for it not to be recognised. A ticket to Zwift support with a strava link to verify the climb and I was told it would be credited to my climb total. Although the “before” and “after” stats which the support person mentioned we’re heavily incorrect in regards to it showing I’d have finished the climb mission. Anyway, went onto zwift yesterday (11th December) and the climb height still hadn’t been updated. Did a new route and that distance was recorded, bringing my total up to 7,270feet (recorded) but it should be (9,347). Really hoping it gets updated soon…

is there no news of a patch yet, i have climbed 24000 feet now and only credited with 16000 so far.

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Ah sorry to hear that David. I’m glad I’ve been maintaining my own records for this. I’m a bit of a data nerd so have been putting it all into an excel spreadsheet which shows me how much more to go to the 20k (as well as if I’m “ahead of schedule”). But what with this issue occuring the results are definitely being skewed. After todays effort I should be at 12,447ft but I’m not even over 10,000 yet according to the mission stats.

Hi all suffering the same problem. Several rides not counted :frowning:

Did any of you got any feedback or solution??

Not directly, but at least they’ve recognized it: