Wahoo Climb Mission - Delayed Start... :-(

(Ian Jones) #1

Has anybody else struggled with signing up to the Wahoo Climb Mission? I got all excited when the email came out 4 Dec, but the Mission didn’t appear in the ‘Ride’ screen on my iOS app. I even checked the app store to make sure I hadn’t missed an update.

Today, after missing out on scoring approximately 10,000ft of climbing, the Mission appeared. Sad times as I have slim chance of now reaching the 20,000ft total.

Climbing mission
(Vincent) #2

Hey Ian, was your Zwift app updated to the latest version at that time?

(Ian Jones) #3

Yup. It was. I even checked the App Store…

(Ian Jones) #4

Oh FFS, this is really starting to annoy me. Rode on my other setup (iMac) at home tonight. Completed 1890ft of climbing which hasn’t been added to the climb mission.

Help!!! Please.

(Ian Jones) #5

Starting to get annoyed. At this rate I won’t have an entry to the climb competition, despite completing over 15k feet of climbing since 3 Dec. Can you adjust my climb mission total?