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Hi … the recent wahoo climb contest. It said to join in the home page … but there never was a popup to join … nor on the Zwift website. The home page popup finally showed up yesterday … Feb 16 … im new to Zwift … and i find this very annoying. Couldnt join this challenge/contest on the website … still all linked to my account … i m using apple tv to run zwift … maybe that s an issue … but wondering why we re not just linking it directly to the account without having some sort of join that s not working ???

Welcome to the Forums, JF.
The 2022 Wahoo Climbing Mission’s web page did allow people to register if they were signed in to their account as from 24 January, and there was a Wahoo Climbing Mission tile on the home screen in game that you land on after pairing. (I’m also using Apple TV for Zwift and remember registering then.)
If you only saw it on 16 February, could it be that you hadn’t updated your Zwift app to the latest version until then? This would explain why you weren’t seeing the Mission registration button before.
There are game updates around the middle of every month at the moment, and certain things like missions, tours, etc. require the latest version of the game to be running.

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I think that the issue the OP faced is this:

While there has been a tile on the Zwift home page (well, world selection page) for some time to sign up for the Wahoo mission, it was a SECONDARY tile to the Tour de Zwift tile, and required that the user toggle to it using the arrows underneath.

When the TdZ ended that tile disappeared from the World Selection page, leaving only the Wahoo Climbing Mission tab visible.

Word of warning: Always look for the arrows under those tiles in the upper-left of the World Selection tab. They indicate there is more than one tile of information.

Thanks … maybe … still annoying … should ve been more obvious or autojoin or something … casual zwifter … not going to be able to do 6000m in a few days. Pretty easy like strava or others once u join to just calc from the day of … as opposed to the time of … anyways … no worries … long shot to win … but again, just annoying

Out of curiosity, did you get the e-mail notification about the Mission? I think I joined directly from the link in that e-mail, IIRC. That might be a better option than trying to find a hidden tile. Of course, with all the available ‘real estate’ on the left side of the World Selection screen I am a bit lost as to why they couldn’t have just put the Wahoo tile below the TdZ tile, instead of ‘underneath’ it.

yep … i did … i tried to join on the website … it said Active … thought i was on … being doing the TdZ via the website for my registration … that worked well … again … not the end of the world … just thought i d highlight it … might be like u said, the dual TdZ + Wahoo at the same time … didnt notice if there was that arrow at the bottom

Hi @JF_Campeau_JZQC

In addition to the information provided by our awesome and helpful Zwift community members, it should be noted that Missions used to be much more commonplace in Zwift, but it had been a while since we got to enjoy one. So, the Wahoo Climb Mission has been the first one we’ve had in recent memory. As a result, I noticed that there was a bit of confusion and issues we’ve had to sort through on the tech support side.

That being said, we do have an article which I’m hopeful will be of use to you for future reference. It has good general information on how to join and complete missions in Zwift.

Hope this helps, and thanks for your feedback!

Yes, i m guessing that since i dont do manual updates on my apple TV i got the update late or something all that. I ve only been a member for about a year … so still learning. Thanks everyone !