Contacted support, but cannot see their answer

I recently contacted zwift support regarding the Wahoo Climb Mission. I finished it but I didn’t receive any email to register for the prize drawings.

It was my fault, because I didn’t enable emails regarding the missions.

So I kindly asked support if they can resend them to me. I did receive a mail that a zwift ambassador had answered my question. But when I click on the show answer link, only the standard zwift support site is loading, nothing else. I cannot see their answer and cannot answer back to them.

Tried on various browsers and on pc, mobile etc. Always the same behavior.

Any chance on how to proceed here?

Hi @Mike_Medwed

Sorry to hear that you didn’t get the email(s) for the Wahoo Climb Mission. I get how that can be frustrating, and much as I wish I could address this issue here on the Forums, it’s something that requires a bit of investigation on your account.

I found the support inquiry you’ve submitted to our team, so I’ll see about getting some attention on it. Keep an eye out for an email reply. Thanks!

Hi Steven,

thank you for having a look into this. Just a few minutes ago I have received a email reply from a drumroll sound Steven D. :wink:

Kudos and thanks,

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Happy to help, Mike!

Why am I being tagged in this?

Looks like something went awry with the tagging. Fairly certain I just intended to reply to the quote from the other Mike. I think I removed the tag. I’m sorry about that.