Wahoo Climbing Challenge

(Silas Swaim [CRYO-GEN] B) #1

I am not getting all my elevation added to the challenge correctly. I noticed this with the “auto-join” an event (race or group ride) feature, where you are prompted to join while free riding or doing a different event.

If I ride a few minutes, and gain say 300ft of climbing, then my group ride starts and I switch over to that, climb 1000 feet, it only registers the second part of the ride. I have noticed this with 2 group rides and 1 race. The race I did, I did a warm up (272 ft), the race (1,253 ft) and a cool down (41 ft). It only registered the cool down @ 41 ft. I was doing the warm up in Watopia, the race was in NYC, and I switched back to Watopia for the cool down. I have contacted support, but no one has contacted me back…

Anyone else seeing this issue?

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Wahoo climb challenge
(Pieter Macquoy) #2

Seems a bit similar…

(C) #3

No group rides or races in my case. I just climbed the 500m solo, and progress bar remains at 0.

(C T) #4

This has also happened to me, figures not quite adding up to what they should be.