Wahoo climb challenge

(Anton) #36

What about downhill part? In terms of constant effort, Alpe du zwift is harder, almost no flat parts, only short ones on hairpins. So if you are prepare to real big mountains its better to ride Alpe du zwift i guess.
And don’t forget about altitude adaptation))

(Kari Viippola) #37

Wow… incredible effort !

(Daren) #38

This is just about metres of elevation for the Wahoo mission. =) Yeah, if you’re training to ride the real Alpe d’Huez then riding up the Zwift version would be better overall training.

Altitude adaptation doesn’t really come into it. Alpe d’Huez isn’t that high. Not in my experience anyway, although admittedly I’ve only ridden it twice, and neither time was full gas.

(Dave Loomans) #39

Thanks for the help. It turned out that I needed to update the IOS Zwift application from the App. Store. Once I did that everything worked. I got a great assist from Zwift support. Now I need to make up the 2,200 feet of climbing I missed.

(C) #40

I also climbed yesterday Dec 5 on AppleTV and my mission progress bar remained at 0. :woozy_face:

(Alexander Perdon (CTWT)) #41

Yesterday I did the Pretzel (Medio Fondo) and due to login problems I was just able to join the event about 90 secs for the start and ofcourse due to that I forget to accept the Mission. Result => Climbing meters are not counted. Since I just realized I forgot I enrolled and saw no hms added.

My opinion is that it is a real shame that any effort just prior to enrolling the mission is not counted for. Sometimes just for a reason people forget to enroll for a mission.

(M Bruns) #42

I would like to point out that those of us in category “D” might be finding this Wahoo Climb Mission a real challenge. I really have to get on it to make a difference. Wahoo should handicap this Mission based on ones riding category in my option. This mission is going to kick my butt over the several days or is this what they wanted to achieve?

(M Bruns) #43

I submitted a ticket and support was able to help me out. Plus those days which are not currently included will be added at the end of the mission. Just add your Strava workouts to the support ticket.

(C) #44

Nice. I’ll try that. Thanks.

(Alexander Perdon (CTWT)) #45

Indeed, real altitude “problems” start at about 2000m.

(Alexander Perdon (CTWT)) #46

I consider the EPIC to be harder since it is shorter and I tend to ride it more close to FTP. For the Alpe I prepare myself for at least an hour of fairly constant effort. The latter is at least for me easier to maintain. Also there are some flatter parts in the Alpe. The Epic contains some downhill parts which really do break the rhythm.

So for riding 1000hms, I strongly prefer the Alpe instead of 2 Epic.

(M Bruns) #47

Wahoo Climb Mission - Total so far… 13 rides with 6 adding to status of mission and 7 rides not adding to mission. This is what I can expect from zwift missions? Status page has 5568 and Strava has 13175.

(Ben Fricker) #48

I joined the Wahoo Climb Mission on 5th Dec and did a ride with 1000m climb.
That didn’t count cause of the german language bug.
Did another rides till 8th Dec with total 1908m/6260ft and received email about finished the first 7500ft :slight_smile:
Did more rides with 1400m, total 3310m/10850ft and got email about finishing the 12000ft.
Till 16th Dec I climbed 7385m/24229ft, and got email that I finished the Climb Challenge.

So in my case, everything is okay. The count is weird, but it all adds up in the end.

(Alexander Perdon (CTWT)) #49

I am half way now, but no mails received so far.

(A) #50

its because the challenge is bugged. see these topics. all of those with similar user experience:

(M Bruns) #51

Good for you. Glad to see one person made it. However, as for today I have 8 rides adding to the elevation number and 10 rides not adding. Never got an email when I went over 7500ft. Will sent all my Strava activities to zwift support when I hit the big number.

(Tristan) #52

Same here. I’m just waiting till its finished and will count it all up. Mine has completely stopped counting at all since mid last week.

(G odmother Fox-Neo2) #53

For me everything seems OK - all my rides count till now and I’m almost done.

But note - I do only solo free rides … no workouts, no groups, no races, no fondos, no meetups etc … probably that’s why it works for me flawlessly

(Pieter Macquoy) #54

I’ve only done free rides as well and not all of them counted so no, that’s not the case.

(Ben Fricker) #55

I’ve done free rides, but also the Zwift Medio Fondo and The Tour of London, and those counted too.