Update (12/10/18) Wahoo Climb mission not updating progress


(Vincent W.) #1

Hey Zwifters,

There have been many reports of users not seeing elevation progress in game for the Wahoo Climb Mission but are still receiving emails. This is a bug we are currently investigating.

If you did not receive your elevation progress, please open a support request at the end of the mission (December 23, 2018) letting us know dates and how much elevation you were missing. We’ll add the unlocks and entries accordingly.

I will update this post once we receive more information. Thank you for your patience!

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(Pitch Blank) #2

Could you simply add a feature to manually update ride stats in case something went wrong?
Like on Strava: REFRESH STATS.
So all rides which f.ex. do not automatically add to the current challenge will add after clicking “refresh stats”.
If the time and date will match those of the challenge of course.

(Vincent W.) #3

That would be awesome, although I believe when something goes wrong those stats aren’t recorded at all as if it did not happen. In most cases where there’s a network error or crash at least.

(Lucy Esdaile) #4

Hey Vincent - I know you’re working on fixing the bug with recording elevation progress for the mission. I’ve noticed that the mission logs the elevation I’ve done when on Apple TV, but not on my iPad or iPhone (just mentioning this in case it helps isolate the bug).

(Neil Owens [VFox] ) #5

Seems to be recording again now, but still have approx 4,000ft missing which would have let me complete the challenge. Will these be credited.

(Pitch Blank) #6

Why not you just simply install a feature which is recording what ever time scale you programm for a certain event. so if the event is going from 1st to 23rd you force the game to update all progress made when user x is push the button “refresh stats” and therefore the progress is up to date … in case something with the code gone wrong … done.:face_with_monocle:

(Brett Goulder) #7

@Vincent what’s the status on this bug? When are the fixes expected to go live?

(Giacomo Rizzo) #8

I’m not sure if this is the same “bug” but it looks to me like only the last ride of the day is counted? I regularly do a warm-up before a race, and regularly the warm-up elevation difference seems to be missing in the progress bar…

(Brad Warne) #9

I have experienced this issue as well. The meter is not totalling my climbing, it seems to be stuck around the halfway point. However, I was still awarded the wahoo accessories and kit as I earned them. So, it leads me to believe my progress is being tracked somehow. Hopefully this is the case?

(Pitch Blank) #10

I’m done with the Wahoo Mission. But didnt got any gift for finishing???
Although i have gotten all the Kit parts already?

Can it be that even if the climbing is not displaying correctly all rides from 1st to 23rd Dez still count? Otherwise i cant explain why the kit is already complete …

(Yorke Young) #11

I signed up for the mission, completed two rides totaling just over 6,000 feet, and then the mission request pops back up as if I never hit “lets do this” the first time. One ride was on the 3rd and the other on the 6th. I hit “let’s do this” again and it has since tracked my progress, but I got no credit for the climbing i had already completed. When will I get credit for those first 2 rides…?

(James Pellatt) #12

I have this exact same problem. Very frustrating.

I did notice however that I did unlock cap and socks despite the counter not increasing.

I had assumed it was because I had carried out a training programme whilst going uphill, but after having read this post I noticed the same problem.

(Pieter Van Waarden) #13

Hi all, the feet counter is working fine. Yesterday unlocked the jersey. I was wondering, should I also receive an email notifying me of the entrance ticket for the draw? Cheers!

(Brett Goulder) #14

This issue sucks.

To be honest, I’ve had issue with progress/rewards on the last three contests and ultimately makes me lose my trust in Zwift.

(Svend Sicker) #15

Up to now I only miss the December Zwift Bambino Fondo in my Stats with 897m of elevation.

(Jakub Skowronski) #16

Lacking today’s Tour of London elevation, 617 meters :frowning:

(Brett Goulder) #17

@Vincent is the fix out for this? Or are you just going to let your support team take the brunt of this and calculate it all by hand over the holidays? It’s a shame.

I love Zwift, but this is seriously the last Zwift event I’m going to participate in. I’ve had issues with Tour of New York, and Ride for Reason as well.

I don’t understand why it’s so hard to keep customers updated on an ongoing issue like this. cc @Wes

(�Henrik Ahlqvist Szr Maklarf Se) #18

Well the ride is recorded as a activity. But not on the wahoo mission and also not which is even worse on the everest challenge. ive been robbed on 6000m climb because of this bug…And you dont have any solutions on solving this… and restore my 6000m you can fix it on the wahoo mission but not on the everest challenge… starting to loose my confidence on zwift…Hope there will be a competitior to Zwift soon, and maybe then they will start careing about their customers.

(Carrie Wentzel) #19

Hi! Just wanted to say thanks to the Zwift support team. You guys are always so responsive and professional despite the hostility you receive from some users. :grimacing:

I’ve worked in IT so I can imagine how complex this program is and that you are going to encounter bugs when you release updates, new challenges, etc., that aim to improve our experience, but overall Zwift is awesome and has truly changed my training and cycling experience. THANK YOU!

(Brett Goulder) #20

@Carrie_Wentzel I’ve been involved in support as well. One of the rules of thumb is that you keep your customers updated on ongoing issues. However it’s just been crickets regarding this issue for 15 days. The contest is over in two days. Why would Zwift just run down the clock on this bug instead of fixing it?

And if Zwift cannot fix it, they need to atleast communicate with their customers. Is it seriously disappointing.