Update (12/10/18) Wahoo Climb mission not updating progress


(Vincent W.) #1

Hey Zwifters,

There have been many reports of users not seeing elevation progress in game for the Wahoo Climb Mission but are still receiving emails. This is a bug we are currently investigating.

If you did not receive your elevation progress, please open a support request at the end of the mission (December 23, 2018) letting us know dates and how much elevation you were missing. We’ll add the unlocks and entries accordingly.

I will update this post once we receive more information. Thank you for your patience!

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(Pitch Blank) #2

Could you simply add a feature to manually update ride stats in case something went wrong?
Like on Strava: REFRESH STATS.
So all rides which f.ex. do not automatically add to the current challenge will add after clicking “refresh stats”.
If the time and date will match those of the challenge of course.

(Vincent W.) #3

That would be awesome, although I believe when something goes wrong those stats aren’t recorded at all as if it did not happen. In most cases where there’s a network error or crash at least.