Wahoo climb challenge

(Dusty Linn) #21

I noticed the same problem today. My climbing was counted yesterday, but not today.

(Andrea Gosselin) #22

The Wahoo Climb Mission is not showing up on my Ride screen. Is anyone else having this issue?

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #23

@Andrea_Gosselin: Did you update Zwift to the latest version?

(Andrea Gosselin) #24

I have “forced” an update and that fixed the problem - Thanks!!

(Aaron Zwanzig) #25

Agreed. Alp de Zwift is not necessary for accumulating elevation. I picked up 2000 feet in a little over an hour in London with repeats on Keith hill, riding up and over and making U-turns at the base on each side. The same could be done on the Epic KOM, or volcano climb, or anywhere you can find a decent grade.

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #26

You can always do this.



(Daren Chandisingh 🌱 [Vision]) #27


(Lin Alan) #28

Indoor Everesting :crazy_face:

(Dave Loomans) #29

I am on level 13 but last night I did not get the prompt for the challenge and it was not available with the other challenges. I am using the IOS app. Any suggestions?

(Aaron Zwanzig) #30

Did you apply the update that rolled out on Monday?

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #31

@Dave_Loomans: this challenge is not on with the others it is on the front page where you select your route, workout ect.

(Lin Alan) #32

Not a “Challenge”. It’s a “Mission”.

Make sure you have the latest app update.

Lastly, it will appear on the the route selection screen:


(Koen Theys) #33

The mission description clearly says

“Join us for the Wahoo Climb Mission between December 1st and December 23rd! …”
=> anyway, my elevation gain on December 1st en 2nd, are not included in the current balance. I hope that SOMEONE FROM ZWIFT, will read this.

Can not post a screen shot myself, but you can read it here:

(Koen Theys) #34

aaa … there it is. December 3rd. So the Mission screen is not correct.

(Daren Chandisingh 🌱 [Vision]) #35

Yes, it looks like the in-game Mission box is incorrect. It does (did?) state December 1st:


But the Ts&Cs I linked to before clearly state it’s December 3rd.


I guess it’s something that changed somewhere along the line, but I’d say the Ts&Cs always trump anything else.

(Anton Kovalnogov (B)) #36

What about downhill part? In terms of constant effort, Alpe du zwift is harder, almost no flat parts, only short ones on hairpins. So if you are prepare to real big mountains its better to ride Alpe du zwift i guess.
And don’t forget about altitude adaptation))

(Kari Viippola) #37

Wow… incredible effort !

(Daren Chandisingh 🌱 [Vision]) #38

This is just about metres of elevation for the Wahoo mission. =) Yeah, if you’re training to ride the real Alpe d’Huez then riding up the Zwift version would be better overall training.

Altitude adaptation doesn’t really come into it. Alpe d’Huez isn’t that high. Not in my experience anyway, although admittedly I’ve only ridden it twice, and neither time was full gas.

(Dave Loomans) #39

Thanks for the help. It turned out that I needed to update the IOS Zwift application from the App. Store. Once I did that everything worked. I got a great assist from Zwift support. Now I need to make up the 2,200 feet of climbing I missed.

(C lau) #40

I also climbed yesterday Dec 5 on AppleTV and my mission progress bar remained at 0. :woozy_face: