finding Alpe d huez route

i believe adh is somewhere on the jungle circuit but can any1 tell exactly where? are there signs? thx

I also cannot find the climb adh ?

Select the “Road to Sky” route or the “Tour of Fire and Ice” route or the “Four Horsemen” route, or ride to the jungle and manually select the turn when it goes up the mountain.

Or sort the routes by elevation and choose one with a lot of climbing. The pretzel routes are older and don’t include Alpe, though.

Ride towards the Jungle loop. At the T junction, take the right hand turn (away from the Rope Bridge). 

Follow the road down into the jungle towards the waterfall. 

Before the waterfall, there will be a new T junction branching off to the right. 

Take this right hand turn to start the Alpe du Zwift climb.


Thx Steve and Jason!

“Road to Sky,” by the way, is the route that starts you closest to the bottom of the climb.

ZwiftInsider has a route overview here: ROAD TO SKY” ROUTE DETAILS.

No alp climb on jungle route on iOS that I can find. Just done 2 laps of jungle both ways and nothing new

Andrew: if your iOS Zwift app has not updated in the last three days or so, you won’t have the climb. It’s only in the latest versions of each app.