Trying to meet a friend

I’m trying to meet a friend who is riding on Alpe Du Zwift. How do I do that?

On the main menu, select Watopia and find them in the rider list. Then select “Ride With …”

Use the “Ride With” button on the menu where it shows you which of your friends are riding at the moment. Select your friend and do “Ride With” and it will spawn you right with him.

Where’s the main menu?

It what you see after you’ve selected an activity type and paired your equipment.

But I don’t get the screen you’re getting.

What are you getting? You are using the Zwift game itself, not the Companion?

Yes, Zwift game

You didn’t answer the part about what you are seeing. Are you just going straight into the game? Have you used the “world hack”? That would bypass the main screen I think (although I’m not certain as it’s years since I used it, before world choice came in).

Not sure what world hack is. I’ve logged back on and have the main menu with world choice now. I can’t see the Alpe listed anywhere.

Alpe du Zwift is on Watopia. If you’re level 6 or higher you can ride it freely, otherwise you’ll need to join an event that’s going up there or join a rider already past the gate. “Road to Sky” is the shortest route that goes up there IIRC.

If your friend is already riding, you should see them in the list of people to ‘Ride With’. This will launch you into the game in their general proximity.

Don’t Double click the OK button on the Pairing screen.


Is that a thing? Well I never!