Age based rides

Is there any way to filter the rides to be age based? I’m 63, never going to have my own team at the TdF but I would like to know how I’m doing compared to riders in my age group.



Look for the Zwift master races.


Any junior races?

I’m not looking for races at this stage ( although that;s a great idea ). I’m looking more to just bench mark myself with similar aged riders on a given Zwift course or feature.

I might be 600th over all on a particular sprint, but how does that compare to others in the 60 to 65 year age group?

That’s what I’m looking for…

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I like your idea and the explanation of how it would work.  I am sure most of the community are younger riders and don’t YET have an appreciation for how age impacts your ability to compete with them.  Thus, it would be nice to see how we older riders stack up with others in our age group. 

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