Result categories (age related )

Hi. Firstly well done to all who turned a idea into our world.
I see other posts related to seeing an age related results system. Previous members have asked for this or some results system that would give us mature riders something to measure our efforts. I recently tried the Tacx system on voucher for buying a neo 2.
For what it’s worth I felt it was a soul less experience and gives you very little opportunity to work with other riders.
Thanks again all who work on Zwift, please keep it personal and as a community based system.

Hi @Russ_Parker, welcome to Zwift.

As a 60+ rider I see your point, but I think what is really required is enabling riders of any age to compete with others rider’s of similar abilities regardless of age.

That said there are age related groups on Zwift, check out ZHR for example.

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It would be nice to have your age displayed on the rider bar, so my embaricing slow speed would comand more thumbs up from the young fit millions who keep passing me.