filtering riders by age

I think it will be good feature to filter riders in leaderboard by age, gender, may be FTP

Much as can be done in a Strava segment. As an older rider that appeals to me a lot

I agree. I am 69 and a a regular rider. 

I am never going to win any/many jerseys when competing against the bulk of the younger riders.

How about some form of colour coding denoting age groups, maybe 5 groups i.e 0 -20,   21 - 35,   36 - 50,  51 - 65   65. Up 

Would be good to find fellow riders in same age group to ride with.

Any chance ?

I pay money to Strava every month just so I can see the age splits on a segment. Triathletes have their age written on their leg during a race. Lets do it!

Whats not to like about the idea.

Colour coding would be nice as a display option.  

As a life-long older cyclist, I also agree that age categories should be an available feature to enable riders to find others of similar age with whom to ride. This can be extended to various aspects of ride data, including KOMs for different age groups (as well as overall KOMs) and the sorting of leaderboards by age group. If age or gender is color-coded, just make sure that it is a setting option that can be disabled by the user.

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Absolutely should do this.  I see a lot of other riders near my age (58) or older on Zwift.  It can be a bit demoralizing putting in a good sprint and ending up 200th or something.  Why not give a silver stripe version of the sprint jersey or KOM for older riders?  Would be motivating for me and I suspect would be a smart marketing tool for Zwift to attract/retain what must be a sizable portion of their customer base.  C’mon Zwift, write the code!

I use Zwift to help me train for Triathlons.  At 63 years of age, I wouldn’t even consider joining the races in-game.  It is a waste of time.  If the races were age grouped like in the real world, it would be a blast.

If you want to consider racing, I have heard god things about the ZHR Masters Race

I have not joined them but am considering. See this link for tomorrow morning’s race.

I agree,

Filtering by age can be more interesting for older riders