Gender and Age Categories

I have just emailed this query to Zwift-Support. I wonder whether I am the only one with this concern:

I was just wondering whether at Zwift nobody has been thinking to offer the time (when taken climbing a KOM or in a sprint) by categories of age and gender. I am a quite new member of the Zwift community but as far as I can see it, normally after finishing a KOM all riders are put in one single pool, 18 years-old guys together with 63 (like me) years old, female and male. In all events for non- professional cyclists that I know, the results are always differentiated by gender and age categories. I myself do not mind having a lot of riders before me in the classification because I do not consider my rides as a competition. However, it would be interesting to have the possibility to get that information according to the different age and gender categories.

I guess I am not the only one raising this issue, but I would appreciate getting a feedback on this.

You can see that sort of thing on Strava.

The KOM, Sprints and routes that have a time are separated by gender, but not age.

I agree been asking about this for a long time

I did not know that sprints, KOMS etc. are separated by gender. This means that, if I am told that after a sprint I ended up number 2000 out of 4000, that these 4000 are only male riders?
Anyway, I think for the IT experts it should not be at all difficult to establish age categories, which are common business at all popular cycling events I know. I would really like to hear something on this issue by those in charge, but this has not yet happened.

Several people have asked for this sort of thing in the past, myself included. Mostly as an extension of the request to keep personal records for more than 30 days.

While Strava is partly a solution, it’s not a good one. Strava Leaderboards are no longer available to free users, so anyone wanting to rank times by age or weight has to subscribe to Strava. In other words, pay a third party for a feature that many of us feel Zwift should be providing for their own product.

I completely agree with you!

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