Age Group Settings

As some have already highlighted. I am also reasonably new to Zwift. 2 in the house use it already and are absolutely addicted. Another one would join but only if she can choose / filter to see others her own age group / gender. We know there are women’s only events but a novice would prefer to start quietly before even considering an event.
I would also prefer this for the KOM’s / Sprints etc while in game. No point comparing results when there is a 30+ year age gap!

Hi,not only are there age gaps but differences in equipment,trainer difficulty settings,fitness levels,weight.Lots of variables can be manipulated to stroke your ego.No-one knows what another rider is setting out to achieve on their ride.If you fly past someone on a KOM because you have a low trainer difficulty setting and they are doing a recovery ride or just starting out with a low fitness base it might make you feel good but if you’re being honest with yourself you should only be comparing it to your previous attempt.That’s the only way to gauge real improvement.To gain the most from Zwift I use it as a tool to improve/train as a cyclist.I pay no attention to what anyone else is doing except if I’m really close to beating a sprint/KOM on the leaderboard :blush:

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Same here. I’m female and I couldn’t care less what everyone else is doing or what age they are. I ride or run and I go at my pace and do what I want. I started out painfully slow. I’ve built up my stamina over 7 months but still a category D…but a stronger category D. Have fun and ignore everyone else. Heck, follow me and ride with me when time permits. I just joined a racing team and I will start my first race tonight. Haha…no way am I ready but it’s my classification level and hey, ya gotta start somewhere!! I aim to learn and have fun tonight. Find me, I’m Lee Louie [Team CLS] on Zwift.

And get on ZwiftPower immediately, if you’re not registered.

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