Age appropriate rider comparisons

The whole jersey competition thing isn’t a big thing to me…but as an older female rider I won’t be competing against the strong young riders for best time. However, I would love to compare my fitness level, times, watts, etc. to folks in my own age/gender bracket.

+1 As an older female i too was wondering after my first very brief spin yesterday, how could i get a QOM (or win a race) against a pack of young fit men? There doesn’t seem to be any rider equalization as yet. I’m comparing to the FTP ‘white line’ of Trainer Road, which is not infallible but at least gives a set point taking into account all variables such as gender, fitness, and equipment differences.

Agreed. I’m an old dude and know I can’t compete against the not only young, but real cyclists. Much like real life age group racing, we’ll be hard pressed to find fellow AG riders during random rides. I’m guessing the Zwift beta demographic skews 90% male under 50. Zwift - can you share any numbers out of idle curiosity?


I did get a KOM so I know somewhere between Zwift and Strava my gender data is being dropped. I think that would help with gender/age appropriate competitions. BTW some Zwift/Strava statics…59 women using Strava while playing Zwift vs 1543 men using Strava while playing Zwift (and those numbers are ever changing but it doesn’t show women don’t make even 10% of the Zwift/Strava market. Not Zwift’s issue/fault, just stating the numbers.

How about next to the flag you have an “F” so when you look at the board you can know if any other women are riding! Would love to see age on there as well.

With almost 50 years in the legs, it would be nice to see some age group performances. I would not add the data to the real time screen info but perhaps a display during a “Pause” would work.

Hi, I’m 72 in a few days time, and I just love using Zwift, would be good to have a race for the over 60s, and to see riders ages as they fly past me, I’m trying to get the tron bike, I don’t go on zwift every day, I try to acomplish  a 1000ft every day I go on, its hard work, but I’m really enjoying it. Thank’s Zwift.

Fred: You might want to look into the Zwift Handicap Race. They have info on Facebook: . I see four masters races on their schedulefor tomorrow, December 12.

Hi Steve, Thank you for the information I will definitely look into it.

Best wishes, Fred.