Age groups for jerseys

I’m fairly new to the forums so I’m not sure if this has been discussed and I can’t find this topic in a search. I think it would be nice if it were possible to give jerseys for different age groups. At 59 I’m not going to be taking many jerseys from the 20-somethings. Going for PRs is great but if I knew I actually had a chance at a jersey in my age group I’d probably put out a little more effort to grab it. Zwift, can you make this happen? Anybody have any thoughts?

Just turned 50 here, I like it. Good idea.

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Might want to try a masters series race: Bolt Race Team presents BRT Masters Training RACE.
Search for masters in events

Hey Bob. Yeah, not really interested in racing. Just thought a lot more of us might try for course or KOM jerseys if we knew we had a chance at one. I know I would try harder.

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Thats a really good age Dave! LOL same, I agree not so much for races, but for just the regular riding that would be interesting to see how well we were competing with others in our group!