Age Categories - Master/Veteran?

I have noticed that Zwift Power uses names for the Age group that some fall into but cannot find where it tells you what ages these refer to.
For example “Masters” Veteran” etc. I fall into the 50+ but do not know if these guys are younger or older than me. I need to know if I am doing OK for my age or if I have a lot more work to do!
Thanks in advance for any replies
Lisa Tee


Took me awhile to discover on ZP that hovering your mouse over certain data headings will reveal a pop-up description.

Bertram Redmeijer used the mouse hover to revel age categories and posted this: posted “Senior = 23 to 29, Master = 30 to 39, Veteran = 40 to 49". Not mentioned categories, that are used, are: U23 (under 23); 50+ (50 to 59) and 60+ (60 to 69(?)). There might be a 70+ category, I haven’t seen it yet.”


Thanks so much! This makes me feel so much better! I don’t mind getting my ass by someone younger than me!


It’s about time these categories were updated, or at least some named ones added for people older than 49… I know they come from traditional race categories (from the days when you were “old” at 30 and most people considered they were past it by the time they were 40 and took up pipe smoking and cardigan wearing), but these days the idea of a kid of 40 being considered a “veteran” is a bit farcical…

If we are to stick with senior, master and veteran, what names could be applied to 50+, 60+ and 70+? How about elder, patriarch and methuselah…?


Tbh I know some 80 somethings that still ride hard. What would we call these hero’s?


I am 75 and female ,would love some age gruop events.I love to ride and compete in senior games.
I dont mind being the Lanterne Rouge in the Zwift rides


Yup. 70+image

Thank Heavens!! I assumed Senior, Master, and Veteran must refer to, you know, old people. I’m 66, but don’t usually feel old at all…until I looked at those Zwift Power race results and thought my butt was getting smoked by all these really old farts. I feel so much better. Think I’ll have a couple beers to celebrate!!!


Looks like these got updated yesterday. They’ve now bumped people in their 20s into “Masters” as well. Its getting ridiculous.

I believe it’s the year you turn the age - so they’re labelling 29 year olds who turn 30 during the calendar year Masters. Not sure why, in my IRL cycling races it’s based on actual birthday. I imagine that’s different for all sanctioning bodies though.

Yup. For both USA Cycling (USAC) and the International Cycling Union (UCI), your racing age changes on January 1st, regardless of your birthday. It is your age on 31 December, meaning the current year minus the year of your birth. My racing age is 52, even though I don’t turn 52 until December.